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What is the InfoTrac College Edition?    
  The InfoTrac College Edition (ICE) is a comprehensive and powerful reference resource for student and consumer research. The ICE combines tens of thousands of articles from major encyclopedias, reference books, magazines, pamphlets, and other sources onto a single Web site with fast and easy search tools for all your reference needs. InfoTrac College Edition is the ideal one-stop reference source for students doing homework, making vacation plans, keeping up with current events, or researching any topic from important health issues to hobbies to making large purchasing decisions. And its information can be accessed anytime!
What sources can I find in the InfoTrac College Edition?    
  The InfoTrac College Edition is updated daily and offers access to over 800,000 articles, with reference sources like:

Books and Reference Works

* Information Please (Tm) Almanac
* Information Please (Tm) Sports Almanac
* Information Please (Tm) Environmental Almanac
* Asimov's Chronology of Science & Discovery
* Benet's Reader's Encyclopedia
* Clinical Reference Systems
* Columbia Encyclopedia
* Complete Directory for People with Chronic Illness
* Constitution of the United States
* Democracy Reader
* Encyclopedia of American Facts & Dates
* Great Thinkers of the Western World
* Harper Encyclopedia of Military Biography
* People's Book of Medical Tests
* Reader's Companion to American History
* USP DI-Volume II Advice for the Patient: Drug Information in Lay Language

Magazines and Journals

* Art Journal
* Booklist
* Editor & Publisher
* Mother Jones
* Psychology Today
* Publishers Weekly
* Saturday Evening Post
* Science News
* World Press Review

InfoTrac College Edition can save you time and give you the value of convenient around-the-clock access to a comprehensive source of reference information that's quick and easy to use.
What age level is the InfoTrac College Edition appropriate for?    
  We have designed the ICE to focus on the research needs of college students. The broad range of publications we feature ensure that we appeal to college students from virtually any age group. We truly have something for everyone. However, we do not feature "adult" magazines (for example, Playboy, etc.).
Why use the InfoTrac College Edition vs. A Web search engine?    
  The World Wide Web offers users a tremendous amount of valuable information. But there's a lot of valuable periodical, newspaper and other reference information that's just not available on the Web in one easy-to-get-to place. InfoTrac College Edition offers the depth, breadth and comprehensiveness of information that can't be found anywhere else with one single search.

With the InfoTrac College Edition, you gain access to more than 800,000 periodical, newspaper, and other reference articles.

How was the InfoTrac College Edition developed?    
  The InfoTrac College Edition was developed in conjunction with Gale Group, the premiere provider of electronic reference databases for schools, libraries, and corporations. The 800,000+ article database is updated daily.

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